PPGs and PPCs -  Shoestring's airspace ultralight flight guidelines - safety and airport neighbor relations:


Avoid incursion of the 15/33 runway and its traffic pattern whenever possible. The fixed-wing general traffic area location is depicted in yellow on diagram at bottom of this page.

Best practice for experienced flyers seems to be a climb out from your airfield launch from the 06/24 area to a higher altitude to lessen the impact on neighbors in the vicinity of the airport, then find open areas a couple miles out from the airport for your low flying if that is your goal. This will lessen complaint issues for the airport from our surrounding community. To date, no complaints have emanated from the open areas west of 83 - simply follow Hain Rd. north to intersect 83.

If you are a low flyer please pay particular attention to the goose and deer hunting seasons.

Avoid the obvious:  never fly such that any farm animal or livestock is disturbed.

Try to avoid the not so obvious:  a few years back a man retrieving his horse from a barn stall was dragged briefly when a PPC flying low near the barn spooked the animal. If injuries had been sustained, the pilot would be held liable for damages per Pennsylvania aviation law. (Even military aircraft have not been immune from this law.)

Any overflying of the Mobile Home Park to the south-east of the airport, and also the expanding town of Shrewsbury should be avoided - consider these “congested areas” - off limits.

Fixed wing - these aircraft use runway 15/33 typically. The only time 06/24 (the PPG/PPC launch area) would be needed by fixed wing would be in a very strong crosswind, with wind speeds at which PPG/PPC flight would likely not be viable at all.

Be aware: some of the older aircraft based here have a limited view from their cockpit forward/down when in the air due to high dashboards - and especially taildraggers when heading towards you while maneuvering on the ground - if you cannot see the pilot he cannot see you.   Be aware: most local pilots use radios, but not all.   Be aware: fixed wing pilots cannot maneuver their aircraft quickly when flying at the lower landing (and takeoff) speeds -  Therefore avoiding incursion of the 15/33 runway and its traffic pattern area - when your flight safety and skills allow it - is much preferred.

Current wind/gust speeds are available at SHOESTRINGAIRPORT.COM with links to the Davis weather station which is located on the mid-field windsock pole.     The fixed wing (left hand) patterns are depicted via a drone video in a link also on the main page, and be aware the right hand patterns if depicted would cover the same terrain (see diagram below) but in the opposite direction.     Also please read the “Visitor risk info.” - linked at top in the airport page menu.

Engine outs are not common, but we do see them occasionally with the number of hours flown here, and if you find yourself making an unintended landing be aware some people unfamiliar with ultralights that hear your engine quit (and may hear you expressing your opinion about it) will assume you are in a dire emergency situation and have called 911 in the past. So it is helpful if you call us as soon as you land so we can inform 911 a wasted response is not necessary, as they often will contact us to check.

If the PPG instructor is active on the field, all parachute launch activity should be conducted at their direction: Brian Goff - https://www.paraflightnc.com

If amber strobe on top the Quonset hangar is flashing, please vacate the local airspace as the potentially erratic, nervous first solo flights of students will likely be in progress by the instructor.

Sorry, but no driving/parking on the field allowed but for a few rare authorized exceptions.

PPG/PPC launch fees -    $10 a day, or $120 for the year. 

Zelle or PayPal is available to shoestringair@aol.com  (F.Y.I. - fees and also rents are not goods or services, so in PayPal chose "friends and family" otherwise PayPal hijacks part of your payment to us) A blue cash box is also available if preferred, mounted outside on the northern area T-hangar south wall.  For active military, Veterans, Nurses, members of law enforcement, etc. - user fees appreciated but are not required - thank you!

Note for below - larger planes will use a larger (and higher) pattern than depicted.