Shoestring Airfield offers storage and runway facilities to owners of ultralight, light sport, and other aircraft whose operational capabilities can meet its airport criteria.  Shoestring is not in the business of providing facility tours, introductions to aviation activities, training, or aircraft rides, and is not in business with any aircraft operator at its location.

We are nevertheless aware that the activities at Shoestring are viewed by some as an opportunity to learn and become involved, and that rides in aircraft based here are sometimes requested by visitors.  For individuals who become acquainted with the community of pilots based at Shoestring and wish to accept an invitation to observe, assist, or take a ride, we ask only that all persons involved understand the risk, conduct themselves appropriately, and know that Shoestring does not monitor or control these activities.  

Aviation and ground based activity in the vicinity of aircraft involves significant hazards.  All participants engage in this activity AT THEIR OWN RISK.

Risks on the ground may include tripping, falling or slipping, including while mounting and dismounting.  Risks of being struck by a propeller, being struck by a moving aircraft, or of an uncontrolled crash or mid-air collision must be considered. Any of these risks can cause serious injury or death. Parents must be hyper alert to the possibility of unexpected behavior of children.

Whether a particular pilot’s or passenger’s physical or emotional state or judgment is well suited to flight should be considered. Specific training, licensing, and medical certification authorizing pilot operations is not required for many of the types of aircraft encountered at Shoestring.

The types of aircraft encountered at Shoestring are varied, and many are non-certificated, experimental, owner-built, owner maintained, and/or subject to no or minimal regulatory, inspection or maintenance procedures. Considerable differences may exist in the design, age, materials, durability, condition, service history and relative airworthiness of the aircraft.

The airspace around Shoestring is uncontrolled, unmonitored by air traffic control facilities, and flight plans are not generally filed for the type of flying done by pilots from Shoestring. In the event of an accident or off airport landing, significant time may pass before responders become aware that aid is needed.     

Visitors at Shoestring Airfield are expected to behave in a careful, respectful, and prudent manner.  Shoestring may require any visitor or pilot’s guest to depart at any time objectionable behavior becomes a problem, as determined in the airport manager’s sole discretion.

In return for the "privilege" of visiting, visitors and pilot’s guests will need to agree to make no claim whatsoever upon the owners of Shoestring for any personal property loss or damage or personal injury or death which may occur while present on the airport premises.